why EDSX

Invest in the
future, yours.

We are a primary market listing digital securities of real financial instruments to the public.
We are a decentralized peer to peer exchange for trading digital financial instruments.
Core Features
Our Value proposition
A digital IPO for issuers
The first exchange for the equity crowdfunding market
A wide choice of investments
It makes the listing and trading of financial instruments in a decentralized and peer to peer way possible. Easy for the issuer that has to raise new capital and secure for investors that are looking for the right risk-adjusted return.
The first platform in Europe to provide an exchange for issuers and investors and for the equity crowdfunding market.

Easy, secure, free!
Thanks to asset digitalization and blockchain, EDSX allows projects and issuers to meet investors coming from all over the world, providing an unparallel mediatic exposure.
Compliance and security
We always work in compliance with the security laws on public offerings to provide investors with the maximum level of protection.

Our IT team and blockchain do the rest.
An exchange powered by the possibility to provide market making in order to sell easily when the investor needs it.
Issuers can have access to the huge cryptocurrency market increasing the capacity to raise capital through the deployment of a smart contract in a compliant and quick way*.

* Raising capital in cryptocurrency is just an option. The public offer can be executed completely in traditional currency.
unique proposal
Our Unique Proposal
First Swiss Digital Asset Exchange
Offering investors to gain exposure to financial digital assets in a fast, easy and reliable way.
Operating from Switzerland, under Swiss Legislation
EDSX* is fully compliant with the several laws regulating financial intermediaries, anti-money laundering, organized trading facilities, banking regulation and financial markets.

*Swiss platform operating and subject only to the Swiss regulation
Tokenization of financial assets - securities, bonds, debts, real estate
Issuers have the opportunity to transform assets into liquidity through digital tokens, distributing them on the blockchain in an easy and compliant way with the Swiss regulations.
Highly efficient and automated digital asset trades
Digitized assets are issued and tracked on our platform where they can be securely transferred on a peer-to-peer decentralized basis.
This is the beginning of a new era for capital markets infrastructures.
Jos Dijsselhof
CEO SIX (Zurich Stock Exchange)

In 2016 Mauro Andriotto founded AFS - Andriotto Financial Services – advising, in the following two years, more than 50 successful ICOs - Initial Coin Offering. In 2018 AFS was included by «ICO Bench» among the top 10 blockchain advisor in blockchain capital markets on a list of about 60,000 advisors.

In 2018 the team and the service portfolio were expanded. Recently the advisory service of AFS has been focused on STO operations - Security Token Offering - participating in the first authorized digital IPO in Germany authorized by BaFin.

The AFS team is structured in specialized departments in the following areas:

  • Finance (prospectus, evaluation, information memorandum, etc);
  • Legal (Switzerland, Europe and USA: legal opinions, incorporation, legal review, etc);
  • IT (smart contract, exchange, blockchain, etc);
  • Marketing and digital marketing.

In March 2019 AFS became an equity partner of SMC, an important family office based in Switzerland, but with a physical presence of 20 offices in 15 countries around the world.

In mid-2019 AFS worked on the approval of the first “Articles of Incorporation” in Switzerland natively blockchain that allows the maintenance of the shareholders registry on the blockchain.

At the end of 2019, EDSX was founded in Zug, Switzerland, in the heart of the Crypto Valley, the first blockchain platform that combines the power of traditional finance, with the opportunities offered by the most advanced information technologies (ICT).

know your
Compliance & Security
Your money and your investments are protected by the blockchain one of the most secure technology available nowadays. Our smart contracts, that regulate transactions between different parties, have been tested by some of the most renowned companies in cyber security. Furthermore, we also keep offline backup of the transactions in different geographical locations.
Even if a digital security carries a smaller amount of risk compared to a traditional cryptocurrency, we do our best to keep issuers and investors safe, providing them with all the best practices regarding security. This is why we have provided a complete guide on how to keep safe your tokens (ex. MEW connect), you can find the relative information in the section How it works
EDSX is fully compliant with all the Swiss laws related to financial intermediaries, banking, anti-money laundering and organized trading facilities.
EDSX also requires issuers on the platform to be fully compliant with the national and international laws on financial securities offering. This may require, before launching a digital IPO, obtaining an authorization from the market authority, to deposit a prospectus, to audit financial accounts and so on.
We believe that compliance with the law is one of the ways to protect investors and this is why we care about it.
EDSX requires all the users to be in compliance with the national and international laws on KYC – Know Your Customer – and AML – Anti Money Laundering – in particular with the Swiss AML act that requires due diligence on the money flows accepted by the Swiss financial intermediaries.
* The issuer is always the one finally responsible for compliance with the laws (prospectus publication, authorization of the market authority, etc) and it is responsible for the information and data presented in the offer documents.
People Behind
Leadership Team
Built for your projects, your workflows, your goals, your team.
Mauro Andriotto

Mauro Andriotto

Plamen Sakaliyski

Plamen Sakaliyski

Carlo Calarco

Carlo Calarco

Fundraising Leader
Guglielmo Carbonero

Guglielmo Carbonero

Accounting & Tax
Luca Moretti

Luca Moretti

Legal affairs
Daniel Vasilev

Daniel Vasilev

Blockchain Lead Developer
Federico Calarco

Federico Calarco

Business Developer
Ema Rousseva

Ema Rousseva

Business developer