We aim to empower businesses and investors through the blockchain and digital assets

the platform


Create an alternative fundraising channel for SMEs

Offer to retail investors new asset classes, new opportunities to diversify risks and returns aligned with the risk profile, avoiding expensive financial intermediary fees.

Offering an exchange to the equity crowdfunding market in order to bring liquidity and more opportunities for issuers and investors.

What are the main
problems for SMEs
in capital markets?

SMEs find it difficult to obtain financing

  • Access to capital markets is difficult
  • Compliance is high
  • Local stock exchanges have low liquidity (and high costs)
  • The listing process is long and complex
  • Cost of capital is high
  • Banks, private equity funds and venture capitals have high bargaining power

Returns for retail investors are low

  • Liquidity is a cost
  • Equity risk adjusted returns are often negative once commissions to funds are paid
  • Difficult access to attractive private equity investments
  • Difficult access to big real estate investments

Investors in equity crowdfunding need an exchange

  • Illiquid shares more similar to a bet than to an investment
  • Unattractive (equity crowdfunding weighs only 5% on the total crowdfunding market value)


EDSX a blockchain platform able to directly connect issuers and investors coming from all over the world, in a safe way through the blockchain, using blockchain technology.

We have built a decentralized peer to peer system that gives the possibility to exchange tokens as in a traditional trading platform.