May 6th, 2pm BST / 3pm CET


Join the Prime Nordic webinar with Prof. Mauro Andriotto, founder of the European Digital Asset Exchange (EDSX) and discover how to easily and conveniently access asset backed digital securities.

We'll also look at the benefits and strengths of investing in the Nordic region, and how the Prime Nordic Token Offering on EDSX is backed by the real-time assets of the company through full-proof digital smart contracts for unbeatable security.

Ranked in TOP 20 of more than 55 000 advisors worldwide by ICO Bench, Mauro Andriotto is internationally recognised as one of the world leaders in blockchain and Security Token Offerings (STO).

Here Prof. Andriotto will guide us through the process of accessing Digital Security Tokens through the EDSX platform as a flexible approach to stablising returns and managing risk.


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