Prime Nordic Security Tokens Offering (STO) on the European Digital Assets Exchange – EDSX 


Fixed Rate Digital Security Tokens accruing an annual interest of 5.25% (5.39%AER) 

Prime Nordic plc has launched a “first of its kind” digital security token that is fully tradable on a secondary market. The PN Security Tokens carry fixed income of 5.25%pa with interest accruing daily (AER 5.39%) and are available on now EDSX

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Who is Prime Nordic plc? 

Prime Nordic plc is a specialist investment company holding portfolios of stock on the Nordic capital markets. Their mission is to provide sustainability through creating long-term and social value by investing in well governed companies that contribute positively to society. The PN Security Tokens are issued and listed on EDSX, one of the first platforms in Europe providing a primary and a secondary market of digital assets to retail and institutional investors.  

Why a Fixed Income Token? 

Fixed Income Security Tokens offer a fixed rate of return with the interest accumulating steadily over time. These can be used by investors to diversify their portfolio given they are not as risky or as volatile as cryptocurrencies or coins. 


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The future aggregate value of each token is pre-known which can help investors stabilise the risk-return in their investment portfolio—known as the market risk. The steady and forecastable growth from a fixed income Security Token can be seen as a welcome alternative to the volatility and emotional rollercoaster of coin investing and may be attractive to those investors wishing to tailor a predictability of returns from their investment portfolio. 

With minimum investment from as little as €100, Investors can now buy and trade the PN Security Tokens on the European Digital Asset Exchange (EDSX), the decentralized peer to peer exchange for trading digital financial instruments. 

Digital Wallet 

Prime Nordic is one of the first Fixed Income Security Token issuers in Europe to approach capital markets through a digital securities solution and the tokens can be held in any EOS compatible wallet.  
For suggestions on the best EOS wallets to keep your EOS Tokens safe, please visit:  

Asset Backed 

The PN Security Tokens are legally binding, fool-proof smart contracts backed by the real time assets of the company, which in this case are the shares in 25 Nordic securities tracking the Prime Nordic Small Cap 25 Index. This provides a diversification to mitigate against unsystematic risk.

How to Buy 

The PN Security Tokens are available to professional investors and those individuals who can self-certify to have knowledge and experience with financial instruments. They can be purchased through the European Digital Assets Exchange and sent directly to your digital wallet.