Security tokens are an innovative way of holding real assets, which can be in the form of traditional stocks or bonds. They offer a variety of advantages to all token holders and an additional layer of security in comparison to the very popular over the past several years ICOs.

Security tokens can unlock assets liquidity within minutes, as opposed to traditional stocks, where the settlement may require a minimum of 2-3 business days.
If, for instance, an investor purchases shares on Friday, they will receive the stocks or bonds on Tuesday at the earliest.

Security tokens completely eliminate the waiting period, providing instant access to the investments made.

Such trading process is extremely convenient for the real-estate market, where closing deals can potentially take months, even in the case where there is a buyer on the line, prepared to make an immediate purchase.

Another great advantage of security tokens is their availability on the global market. Anyone who is looking to buy and sell security tokens can do that from any point in the world, as long as they are connected to the Internet. The crypto market allows trading of STO tokens 24/7, without waiting for stock exchanges to open.

Security tokens, unlike ICO tokens and other crypto products, are supervised by regulatory bodies and laws. Law compliance immensely contributes to the enhanced security that STO tokens provide against fraudulent behavior.

Security token offerings – the new IPO

Security token offerings are an excellent and efficient way for investors to obtain shares of a company. Raising capital on the crypto market allows a convenient option for all firms looking to exploit the crypto space. STOs provide a fast, secure and transparent way for fund collection.