HCS Pharma should be listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange by the end of the year and it’s currently launching the first worldwide pre-IPO in tokens on the European Digital Assets Exchange | EDSX offering investors a 20% discount on the listed shares.

The Company that owns a breakthrough technology to recreate in vitro organs is aiming at becoming a biotech leader in drug discovery, cell therapy, cosmetology and cultivated meat in 5 years’ time.

HCS Pharma is already a French biotech company with an independent company evaluation tapping into 200 mln euro. Located in Lille, it is the base for the members of the team to create and market 3D cell culture products and in vitro models for the miniaturization and automation to perform high throughput screening in order to analyze efficacy or toxicity effects of a large number of products. This is possible thanks to the disruptive BIOMIMESYS® technology able to offer unique products to the pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic and food industries’ customers.

BIOMIMESYS® is a groundbreaking 3D technology that enables the faithful reproduction of the microenvironment of any organ/tissue, healthy or cancerous. Compared to all other 3D systems, BIOMIMESYS® is a sophisticated HA-based hydroscaffold™ with hybrid composition (hydrogel & solid scaffold), defined bioactivities, and tunable viscoelasticity allowing to reproduce all behaviors of in vivo ECM and Tumoral ECM, and to study a vast space of mechanical conditions found in cancerous tissues.

With its exclusive and patented BIOMIMESYS technology, HCS Pharma will revolutionize the entire biotechnology industry by discovering new treatments (drugs/cellular therapies) that are more effective against cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

BIOMIMESYS will also be a major technology for developing cellular agriculture from animal cells and providing a new source of animal protein.

Thanks to its unique, exclusive and patented technology, HCS Pharma has received several awards and distinctions in Europe and Asia:

HCS Pharma has participated also into the Invest Horizon EU Commission programme during which coaching programs allowed the company to be challenged by investors, academics and ex-entrepreneurs and finally to be ranked in the top 50 deep tech EU excellent companies (https://investhorizon.eu/portfolio-companies).

HCS Pharma has successfully set up a competent and qualified team of 10 scientists and technicians with more than 77 years of combined scientific experience in cell biology, biomaterials and pharmaceutical field. The team has relevant expertise in all critical functions: R&D, in vitro modeling systems, automation and industrialization, production and quality.

The team has also been reinforced by a business team made up of 3 experts in international business development and 3 advised experts from the pharmaceutical industry.

On the other hand, R&D is supported by a committee of scientific experts from academic research in the following fields: stem cells, microsystems (Biochip/BioMEMS), metabolic diseases, neurobiology, oncology, etc. They closely advise and guide the management teams of HCS Pharma in its R&D strategy.


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