EDSX Awarded at the Global Defi Summit Dubai

Mauro Andriotto received an award during his participation at the Global Defi Summit Dubai for his contributions to blockchain.

EDSX, digitalization and the rise of NFTs

Digitization is drastically expanding the traditional industry boundaries, with the rise of blockchain, new solutions quickly arise, as NFTs. Find out more!

What is the legal framework of Digital Tokens? FINMA’S role and the 3 types of Tokens

Switzerland’s high-quality standards, crypto fundraising, and tokenization.

Global Blockchain, Fundraising and the European Digital Assets Exchange (EDSX)

Innovative fundraising and entrepreneurship through blockchain are a perfect match and EDSX is fully compromised to every aspect of this financial revolution and digital transformation. Join us to know more about the global blockchain ascension and innovative fundraising alternatives.

Monthly Report: Top Digital Finance News of July 2020

Section dedicated to the main digital finance news of July 2020, concerning the world of STOs, institutional progress and the DeFi revolution.

EDSX ospite a Byoblu: la rivoluzione della finanza digitale

Ospiti a byoblu per un'intervista integrale sulle azioni digitali e la rivoluzione in atto.

STO: how to invest 1000 euros saving time and costs

Some tangible benefits in the choice of security tokens as a financial instrument to invest 1000 euros, saving costs and time.

Who are the STO investors? The charm of the blockchain

STO market fascinates more and more different categories of investors, interested in the world of blockchain as a method of the asset distribution.

Primary Market vs Secondary Market with Security Tokens

Key differences between primary market and secondary market also on the security token-based financial and investment system.

How can security token offerings change the game?

Security tokens are an innovative way of holding real assets, which can be in the form of traditional stocks or bonds. They offer a variety of advantages to all token holders and an additional layer of security in comparison to the very popular over the past several years ICOs.

Hurdles for DLT adoption in securities, financial instruments and capital markets

The path to adoption for blockchains in capital markets requires clearing a number of hurdles as our experience in developing EDSX clearly shows. The technology requires further development to be truly scalable, as well as common standards to be agreed. As we are not certain about the future direction we have inbuilt sufficient flexibility and modularity in our solution both from information and financial point of view. This is the only solution to tackle and make use of uncertainty at this stage.

What Are Smart Contracts?

Imagine that you need to sell a pack of shares. In the legacy world it is a process which entails paperwork, communication with different firms such as stockbrokers, lawyers and various people and involves a number of risks. That’s why the absolute majority of investors decide to find an agent, broker, exchange or generally a service provider, who deals with all the formalities and acts as an intermediary, overseeing the deal until it’s closed.


Mauro Andriotto tiene una discussione con Sergio Luciano di “SOS investire”. Mauro confronta diverse fonti di finanziamento, tra cui fondi di venture capital, piattaforme di crowdfunding, borsa e un nuovo strumento: la blockchain e i titoli digitali. Il progetto Bitminer, del Gruppo Angeli di Firenze, è un esempio di strutturazione di un'offerta di azioni digitali.

Positioning the STO in the Business Life Cycle considering Evolution of Risk and Availability of Funding

The business life cycle is the progression of a business in phases over time and is most commonly divided into five stages: launch, growth, shake-out, maturity, and decline.

Switzerland and the STO strict but explicit and open-minded

Switzerland, which is known for their superb banking system and strict regulations, was one of the first in the world that started explicitly to exercise control on ICO/STO issuance and crypto fundraising.

The ALQEMY of Tokenization

The tokenization of assets and resources enables quicker, cost-effective, and increasing in functionality configurations.

The Issues of Decentralised and Centralised Exchanges and the EDSX Solution

Cryptocurrency, tokens and coins are traded on two types of exchanges — centralised (CEX) and decentralised (DEX). There has been a lot of speculation on whether centralisation, as a phenomenon, is relevant in the realm of crypto.

Tokenization of Securities and its Consequences

Unlike IPOs which require an arduous and expensive process with many middlemen and brokers, STOs are easy to pull off.

The Key Distinctions between an IPO and STO

IPO and STO are identical in their objective and effect. Both aim to raise capital in return for a security. The security can be an equity, preferred stock, bond or any other instrument that gives rights on income and claims on the assets of the issuer in the form of debt or liquidation equity.

Why a Security Token Offering is better than a crowdfunding campaign?

Security tokens represent investments or an investment contract into an underlying investment asset, such as stocks, bonds, funds and unit trusts.

Swiss company “OverFuture” holding the first IPO on blockchain

The Swiss Commercial Register has given the green light for the first incorporation of a company for an initial public offering (IPO) of tokenized shares on a blockchain.

3 features of the traditional investment that tokenization would change for good

There will be no more such thing as territorial limits and minimal investments, more and more people will be able to afford higly-valued assets.

AFS Opens Up Venice to STO and EDSX

In the spirit of innovation and constant progress, AFS’ Founder, Mauro Andriotto was invited by the Unioncamere del Veneto to participate in their event in Venice, Italy on 25.06.2019 – we would like to present our gratitude for the quality experience, valuable time and thought-provoking discussions.