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A new innovative way to raise funds for your company, real estate and bond projects using tokenization,
combined with an exchange (also for equity crowdfunding projects) and private placement.
How Digital Assets Benefits You and Your Investors?
Digital assets allow you to efficiently manage large number of shareholders and shorten the time to make shares liquid. This allows you to raise funding with better terms.
EDSX is a Swiss law compliant platform and industry expert to help you to structure your offering.

We are the first real platform that allows an issuer to raise capital in blockchain, combining an international team with strong traditional financial knowledge, legal experts, software engineers and marketing specialists.
@security token
Why digital IPO
A Digital IPO

Why Digital IPOs?

A Digital IPO is the procedure through which the sale of financial instruments to the public is carried out, represented by digital tokens.

The token is a digital tool for the representation of an underlying real asset, i.e. a security (e.g. share, bond, derivative, property, title of property etc.), which entitles the holder to receive future cash flows and it mimics the behavior perfectly. 

A company can issue security tokens following the standard procedure for issuing financial instruments to the public, which generally provides (according to different methods from country to country) the publication of a prospectus.

Then, tokens can be listed on an ad hoc market and sold against traditional currency or/and cryptocurrency.

What are you waiting for?

Be part of EDSX. Be part of the financial revolution

A Digital <strong>IPO</strong>
Introducing the World's leading
Digital Asset Exchange
Blockchain-powered marketplace which connects buyers and sellers and registers transactions in the distributed ledger.
Raise capital for your financial assets, and get discovered by accredited investors in EDSX
How To
How We Can Help You
to Fundraise
1. Easily set-up your fundraising
Get in touch with us and let us guide you through the entire process.
Set your timeline and offering details and we are ready to go
2. Let investors discover you!
Address venture capital, family offices, crypto funds ... institutional and individual investors, all at once.
EDSX offerings enable you to address all kind of investors at the same time. Offer them full shareholders rights, increased liquidity, and low minimum investment ticket.
3. Digitalization and process
Tokenize your equity and unlock liquidity.
With EDSX you can easily tokenize your financial asset. Transfer them easily to new owners or trade on a secondary market.
why better
Why Are We Better?
How do we compare?
COSTS Fees and costs: exchange, intermediaries (e.g. investment bank), advisor, legal, etc.
Level of decentralization (advisors, financial intermediaries, exchange, etc.)
Possibility of using automated procedures (smart contract – e.g. transaction management)
Legal framework and compliance
PRICE OBTAINED Liquidity premium
Financial instruments offered to the general public
TIME Speed of transactions
Sales / issue times
OTHERS Minimum size of the transaction
Flexibility of the instrument
Maturity of the instrument
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Start raising capital now

EDSX can help the growth strategy of your company

Complete Digital IPO advisory:
  • Full support: finance, legal, IT, marketing
  • Roadshows
  • Escrow services
  • Smart contracts & investor administration
  • Automatic market making
  • EDSX currency
  • Investor Mapping analysis, investor feedback and behavior tracking
  • Investors relation
  • Equity research

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